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Hiroshima Laboratory


Nagasaki Laboratory

ADD 5-2 Hijiyama Park, Minami-ku,
Hiroshima City, 732-0815 Japan
ADD 8-6 Nakagawa 1-chome,
Nagasaki City, 850-0013 Japan
TEL From outside Japan
From inside Japan
TEL From outside Japan
From inside Japan
FAX From outside Japan
From inside Japan
FAX From outside Japan
From inside Japan
Getting to Hiroshima Laboratory
Getting to Nagasaki Laboratory

Tour Reservations

For details about guided tours,

Guide to dispatch of lecturers

RERF dispatches lecturers throughout Japan to seminars and meetings related to such themes as “Health effects of A-bomb radiation” and “What is radiation?” To make a request for lecturer dispatch, we ask that you fill out all of the required information using our Lecturer Request Form and send the form by fax to RERF’s Public Relations and Publications Office in Hiroshima or to our General Affairs Section in Nagasaki.
Lecturer Request Form [Microsoft Word: 41KB]

Where to Send Forms

Research questions
Please send inquiries about atomic-bomb survivor research.

Application for media access

Those in the media who would like to report on RERF should apply using the Media Access Application Form, in accordance with the procedures indicated below, generally at least 10 days prior to the desired date.
For details on media access, click here.