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Benjamin French
2008 Doctor of Philosophy, Biostatistics,
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
2004 Master of Science, Biostatistics,
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
2001 Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics and Norwegian,
St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota
Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Department of Statistics
2016 - Present Associate Senior Scientist
University of Pennsylvania, Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
2015 - 2016 Associate Professor
2008 - 2015 Assistant Professor
Selected publications
French B, Lumley T, Monks SA, Rice KM, Hindorff LA, Reiner AP, Psaty BM. Simple estimates of haplotype relative risks in case-control data. Genetic Epidemiology 2006; 30(6):485–494.
French B, Heagerty PJ. Analysis of longitudinal data to evaluate a policy change. Statistics in Medicine 2008; 27(24):5005–5025.
French B, Heagerty PJ. Marginal mark regression analysis of recurrent marked point process data. Biometrics 2009; 65(2):415–422.
French B, Farjah F, Flum DR, Heagerty PJ. A general framework for estimating volume-outcome associations from longitudinal data. Statistics in Medicine 2012; 31(4):366–382.
French B, Lumley T, Cappola TP, Mitra N. Non-iterative, regression-based estimation of haplotype associations with censored survival outcomes. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology 2012; 11(3):4.
Tan KS, French B, Troxel AB. Regression modeling of longitudinal data with outcome dependent observation times: Extensions and comparative evaluation. Statistics in Medicine 2014; 33(27):4770–4789.
Finkelman BS, French B, Kimmel SE. The prediction accuracy of dynamic mixed-effects models in clustered data. BioData Mining 2016; 9:5.
French B, Saha-Chaudhuri P, Ky B, Cappola TP, Heagerty PJ. Development and evaluation of multi-marker risk scores for clinical prognosis. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 2016; 25(1):255–271.
Wang L, Shaw PA, Mathelier HM, Kimmel SE, French B. Evaluating risk-prediction models using data from electronic health records. Annals of Applied Statistics 2016; 10(1):286-304.