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Life Span Study (LSS) Report Series

Following is a list of Life Span Study (LSS) report titles. To proceed to the journal article or a summary of each report, please select the appropriate title. (Prior to 1993, the numbering of reports are different between Life Span Study reports and corresponding journal articles. Journal citations are indicated in Editor's note under each report title.)
LSS Report 14
An overview of cancer and noncancer diseases: 1950-2003 (RR 4-11)

LSS Report 13
Solid cancer and noncancer disease mortality: 1950-1997 (RR 24-02)
LSS Report 12
Part 1. Cancer: 1950-1990 (RR 11-95)

Part 2. Noncancer mortality: 1950-1990 (RR 11-98)
LSS Report 11
Part 1. Comparison of risk coefficients for site-specific cancer mortality based on the DS86 and T65DR shielded kerma and organ doses (TR 12-87)

Part 2. Cancer mortality in the years 1950-1985 based on the recently revised doses (DS86) (TR 5-88)

Part 3. Noncancer mortality, 1950-1985, based on the revised doses (DS86) (TR 2-91)
LSS Report 10
Part 1. Cancer mortality among A-bomb survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1950-1982 (TR 1-86)
LSS Report 9
Part 1. Cancer mortality among atomic bomb survivors, 1950-1978 (TR 12-80)
Part 2. Mortality from causes other than cancer among atomic bomb survivors, 1950-1978 (TR 5-81)
Part 3. Tumor Registry data, Nagasaki, 1959-1978 (TR 6-81)
LSS Report 8
Mortality experience of atomic bomb survivors, 1950-1974 (TR 1-77)
LSS Report 7
Mortality experience of A-bomb survivors, 1970-1972, 1950-1972 (TR 15-73)
LSS Report 6
Mortality among atomic bomb survivors, Hiroshima-Nagasaki, 1950-1970 (TR 10-71)
LSS Report 5
Mortality and radiation dose, October 1950-September 1966 (TR 11-70)
LSS Report 4
Mortality in atomic bomb survivors by age cohorts, 1950-1959 (TR 14-64)
LSS Report 3
Mortality, October 1950-September 1960 (TR 15-63)
LSS Report 2
Mortality in selection I and II, October 1950-September 1959 (TR 1-63)
LSS Report 1
Description of the study, October 1950-June 1958 (TR 5-61)
LSS Technical Report (TR) titles and their corresponding journal article titles